Boloco Tote Bag

Kids Lunch Box

Lunch box made for kids! Choice of burrito, choice of organic applesauce or tortilla chips, beverage choice and a box of crayons.

Kids Meal

Choice of Cheese & Cheese, Chicken & Cheese, Rice & Beans, Steak & Cheese. Also includes tortilla chips, Juice or Water, Cookie or Fruit. 


Lunch Tote Bag - SMALL

Each individual lunch tote includes a small burrito, (or bowl), chips, salsa, chocolate chip cookie, and a beverage.

Buffalo - Tote Bag
Bangkok Thai - Tote Bag
Teriyaki - Tote Bag
Cajun - Tote Bag
Classic Mexican - Tote Bag
The Summer - Tote Bag
Tikka Masala - Tote Bag
Caesar - Tote Bag
Mediterranean - Tote Bag

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